RMB Loud Speakers

Not just another box

Many of the finer material things take a little time and effort to seek out.
So it can be with audio equipment , and for the time being our speakers are only available from us direct, (at very advantageous prices).
How to reproduce a musically pleasing sound from a domestically acceptable cabinet?
Something that has aspects of the extra – ordinary, that is demonstrably better than the “average”.
RMB loudspeakers may be considered to be minimum compromise designs in their respective price ranges. We strive to create products that provide the best sound at the most sensible prices they can be offered at.
Our key principle is minimum corruption of the musical signal , allied to very careful design employing superior grade components.
Every aspect is engineered to deliver the optimum sound for people who just want to hear more of their music.
In simple terms, we aim to give you;

  • Superior clarity of detail, speed, dynamic range, soundstage depth.

These qualities typically manifest themselves in the ways described below.

  • The tunefulness and tactile nature of the bass frequencies.
  • The ability to reproduce percussion sounds and speech without smearing and with minimal compression.
  • Fresh awareness of subtle details from familiar recordings – (this is a common observation voiced by our customers).
  • A sense of depth and height to the soundstaging. When partnered with suitably capable equipment, an impression of the speakers seeming to “disappear”. (this term is often used in audio reviews, but it is a pleasing illusion rarely enjoyed by most listeners).
  • Crescendos and sudden transients in the music should be exciting and cause for a smile! sadly, many “hifi” loudspeakers reduce them to something resembling a muffled sneeze from the audience.

RMB loudspeakers provide these essential dynamic contrasts even at low listening levels and invariably prove to be highly revealing of the partnering equipment.

Less marketing hype – More musical enjoyment.

We could go in to detail about only using drive units from specialist manufacturers; decades of R & D bear fruit in the sound characteristics and consistency.
We could tell you about the capacitors we insist on using in our crossovers that cost about five times as much as standard types.
We could explain why we only use a specific type of cable for the internal wiring.
We could tell you about the complex and over – engineered cabinet design.
However, such technical points are of little importance unless they contribute to a special and superior listening experience.
We expect you to be sceptical.
We hope you will arrange to hear a demonstration to judge for yourself.