First essential points.

Please don’t be mislead into thinking that our products are “style–led” just to look different. When you hear them you will realise that we put sound quality above all else; We just believe that you should not have to accept lazy or boring visual design in something that is placed on view in your home!

We hope to post updates of significant developments and news here. We also anticipate that there will be commonly asked questions such as “Why don’t you print frequency response figures relating to your speakers?”

The answer to this is that the numbers mean very little with regard to loudspeaker specification because they can not convey the subtle descriptions of how the human hearing perceives musical sounds. Frequency range can only be a simplistic guide, and of course it is desirable to have as even a response as practical.

“Minor Improvements 2016”
Both models now feature stronger miniature grille fixing magnets and the 22/3 drive units are mounted within machined rebates.

22 Dec 2014
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